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Monday, July 8th, 2019 - Lexus
2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Hits Years

The situation in the luxury van segment is heating up. Well, there’s no class in the auto industry. Not yet. But according to the rumors and suggestions, we will soon have a more active situation here. Mercedes-Benz has already partnered with Nissan and is building an X-Class truck. Audi and BMW will soon respond with their promotions. The Nissan premium branch, Infiniti, is in a good position to launch a vehicle to the collection segment. We expect the same from one of your Toyota files. The Lexus 2020 pick-up truck could quickly become a reality with a good base in Toyota Tacoma and Lexus LX SUV.

Well, the current premium segment in the truck market only offers the GMC Canyon Denali model. The 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck could be there shortly after the Class X arrives at dealerships. Toyota can improve its Tacoma with functions and equipment of first quality and make it elegant. On the other hand, the company will use the same design language for its premium crossover and SUV alignments. The spindle grille and larger wheels, with the most comfortable interior, can not be doubted. On the other hand, the price will not come close to its stable situation: Toyota Tacoma.

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck concept

The 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck uses the same platform as Toyota Tacoma, that’s for sure. It would cost too much for the Japanese automaker to build the new ladder frame. The Lexus truck can have the same dimensions as your brother or sister. In the third generation, the collection is 212 centimeters long with a wheelbase of 127 inches. However, the premium version of the vehicle does not use the access cabin configuration. The double cabin offers more comfort and the trailer is not a priority for the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck. Therefore, the short bed meets the needs of its future owners.

On the other hand, it’s hard to believe that Toyota will make your premium truck more sporty by building it on the unibody platform. Well, all your large SUVs use a ladder frame as a base, so we can not find an example of what the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck would look like when it comes to the concept of unibody. However, the advantages of such an architecture are a higher level of safety, better handling and handling skills, a lighter body and more efficient fuel consumption.

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Exterior

The exterior and interior of the Lexus 2020 pick-up truck are combinations of two classes: standard and premium. The body will be based on the Toyota Tacoma. Well, this is not a difficult decision to make. But the details, like bumpers and grills, are very similar to other Lexus vehicles. The spindle grille will be the highlight of the front.

In the cabin, the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck will cost a lot to the LX SUV. Well, the design comes from Toyota Tacoma, with a configuration with four doors and five seats. Everything else comes from the premium brand. Leather seats and steering wheel, advanced entertainment and security features, and much more can be borrowed from there.

The infotainment in the back seat with all its commands is a great complement. However, buyers receive a 12-inch screen as standard equipment. Navigation and remote touch control require too much attention. Lexus must solve this to improve safety. If you talk about it, there are parking sensors, a blind spot monitoring system and automatic brakes. A nine-speaker audio can receive a major update through additional packages with a 19-speaker Mark-Levinson surround sound system.

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2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Specifications

The 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck comes from the middle segment. This means that the vehicle can not borrow the engine from your brother or sister SUV. Well, in that case it would be the LX that would become a truck. In contrast, the Lexus Truck obtains the power of the same units as Toyota Tacoma.

Well, a four-cylinder unit can be released. Offers a torque of 160 hp and 180 lb ft. The buyers of the luxury collection would look for the premium powertrain, not just the equipment. So for V6 it’s a safe bet. It is a 3.5-liter V6 unit that generates 280 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission is the only option, although Tacoma offers a manual gearbox. On the other hand, the power will be distributed to one or all wheels.

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck diesel

We’ve been hearing rumors about the diesel engine for the Toyota Tacoma for quite some time. After the announcement that the 2019 version will not succeed, we can imagine the truck without it by 2020. Well, the arrival of the Ranger could accelerate the development. Especially with Ford’s plans to bring the diesel engine for its medium-sized pick-up

2020 Lexus Pickup Trucks TRD Pro

The excitement with Toyota never stops. The 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck tablet can also inherit a TRD Pro package from your brother or sister. This range of functions makes the Tacoma one of the most off-road vehicles in the world. The special configuration of the suspension, the shock absorbers and the brakes help the driver to solve all the obstacles. However, we do not know if the Japanese automaker would be interested in combining utility and luxury at this level. That makes the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck too expensive. Well, if you do this with Land Cruiser, why would you do the same experiment with premium collection?

2020 Lexus Pickup Truck Release date and Price

The specifications on the launch date say that the collection of 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck can be a prototype. The new model will be available next year at a major show in the United States. Well, this market is the largest for this type of vehicle. The price goes beyond the most expensive version of Tacoma, TRD Pro, we even believe that the 2020 Lexus Pickup Truck can cost more than $ 50,000 with all these improvements.


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